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LASTMA averts diesel tanker fire explosion at Lagos-Abeokuta expressway

Operatives of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) early today averted another diesel fire explosion at Obadeyi before Ijaye along the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway.


The Tanker (JJJ 596 XX) which was fully loaded with diesel products fell around 6:10 a.m. and had its contents spreading on the expressway.

This incident was confirmed in a press statement released by the Director, the Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department of LASTMA Mr Adebayo Taofiq. 


Adebayo also disclosed that LASTMA chased away scoopers and cordoned off the entire vicinity when the agency arrived at the scene

“After arriving at the scene, Lastma personnel immediately called the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Services including Lasema Response Unit (LRU) and immediately secured the environment against area boys and other members of the public who had started scooping diesel with buckets/jerry cans”


Mr Adebayo also confirmed that Policemen from the Meiran Police Division provided security backup at the scene.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that the falling tanker fully loaded with diesel was coming from Abule-Egba going to Ijaye before the driver lost control due to a brake failure at Obadeyi.

Traffic diversion at Hamadiya by both Hamadiya Hospital Way likewise those moving against those from the toll gate.

Traffic Officer Ajalekoko Bolade (Bravo 19, Abule-Egba) who led Lastma rescue operations to the scene confirmed that the driver of the tanker ran away immediately after the incident.


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